The journey begins

What makes a person decide it’s time to slow down? Especially someone who at 45 is a LONG way from retiring and really having the opportunity to ‘slow down’.  I thought it was just that I was feeling tired, but then I would push myself, like we all do, because… well… we all feel tired, it’s not unusual, especially when you have a toddler!  But then over a series of weeks as I actively began to brake this feeling down further I realised it was far more than just feeling tired.

The biggest clue was that I realised I was ‘stuck’.  It didn’t matter how many lists I wrote or how many planners I bought to get myself organised, or how many apps I downloaded to help motivate myself I was still ‘stuck’.  Have you ever had the feeling of sitting there, in front of a task you need to get done, but you struggle to focus on it because your mind is full of competing tasks, thoughts & ideas & you literally feel ‘stuck’.  Sometimes that feeling turns into anxiety which can be even more debilitating!

That’s where I was, and that’s what I realised, I was stuck and I had to declutter my mind and simplify everything around me so that I could begin to move again.  I’ve literally just come to this realisation so you will need to bare with me while I pick through this new journey & the land mines it may have hidden ahead.  but I know the first step… to night I am going to delete all the apps I don’t use and frankly don’t need… All of those ‘lets get organised’ apps, anything that is clogging up my phone and iPad that I don’t need or use! Think of it like ditching the clothes you don’t need or wear anymore! If you know what I mean and you feel the same here’s your physical challenge… ditch the apps you don’t need!

To be continued…