The success checklist

Developing your own success checklist… Sounds simple enough but I need to be honest there is no shortcut to success as such.  I’m talking about about something a little different, I’m talking about short circuiting the way you think!  It may sound complicated but it’s really not, it just takes practice.  Trust me when I tell you, you can learn to ‘short circuit’ how you think and feel about the concept of failure.  This then will help you to reevaluate what success looks like for you… If that makes sense.  And just like in the last post and exercise – 4 steps to beating the fear of failure – there are steps you can take to help you get your head around the true nature of ‘failure’.  Let’s look at failure and see it for what it actually is and let’s create your own success checklist!

For ever… at least ever since I can remember anyway, there has been this strange duality… so on one side there is this idea that failure is ‘bad’ that it is a negative experience, and I get that the thought of ‘failing’ an exam is scary.  While on the other side there is the tried and tested idea that we learn by our mistakes (I can’t count how many times my mother told me that!).  Can you see the pattern?  If we learn by our mistakes then how can the notion of ‘failure’ be a negative thing?  Learning is good isn’t it? Learning is positive, learning broadens our world and helps us make sense of the world around us.  This is why I say that failure is actually a learning tool!

Failure versus success

Technically speaking to ‘fail’ at something simply means to be unsuccessful at something.  Therefore if you are unsuccessful surely that means you can make the required changes to become successful in the future!  In other words, by failing you are simply identifying those things you need to change or do differently to succeed, you are in fact learning! So in actual fact you can argue that failure leads to success!  It is the natural progression to success!

So I want you to take the free downloadable mini poster I have created for you here.  This is your new success checklist!  Pop it up somewhere and use the 4 steps there to start ‘reframing’ the notion of failure.  Start seeing ‘failure’ for what it is, a learning tool and nothing more! ‘Failure’ doesn’t determine who you are as a person, it only determines a need for change.  Being afraid of failure is like being afraid of learning.

Next week we will be looking at that nagging voice & how to change the message. You know the one I mean, it’s your own personal back seat driver… the mini you sitting in the back of your head that feeds on doubt!

success checklist

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