4 Steps to beating the fear of failure

  We know it, we've felt it, it sucks! In fact this very feeling has been what stopped me from finishing this post for so long!  Feeling trapped because of a fear of failing!  Let's think about, the fear of failure is actually far worse than actually failing.  If you actually fail then at least you have moved forward and done something rather than being stuck in the one fearful spot! It's a little like quicksand really, that fear of failure, keeping you bogged down in one place and of course the more you worry, mentally thrash around, the further...

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3 questions to ask yourself when planning anything

3 questions to ask yourself

What are the 3 questions to you ask yourself when planning anything… I’ll give it to you straight… What is the BIG idea… (so what are you trying to achieve!) How can I achieve it in 3 steps What's my reward? It's pretty much that simple, the magic 3 questions to ask yourself that will help you refocus your mind regardless of what you are planning!  But all though it is that simple (and it really is) lets look a little deeper into the WHY of it all! How BIG can the big idea be? I definitely believe that we should always...

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