The success checklist

Developing your own success checklist... Sounds simple enough but I need to be honest there is no shortcut to success as such.  I'm talking about about something a little different, I'm talking about short circuiting the way you think!  It may sound complicated but it's really not, it just takes practice.  Trust me when I tell you, you can learn to ‘short circuit’ how you think and feel about the concept of failure.  This then will help you to reevaluate what success looks like for you… If that makes sense.  And just like in the last post and exercise - 4 steps...

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How to avoid failure

Avoid failure

Welcome to the 'how to avoid failure' series!  A whole series of posts on how to avoid failure... sounds funny I know but it's really not.  Let's be honest failure is the one thing that can really hold us back, stop us from reaching our potential and keep us waiting until we feel 'ready'.  One of the tricks to this is to actually completely readjust our thinking, it's not so much about how we avoid failure but more so to do with how we view failure! To avoid failure we need to rethink it, reassess what it means to us and find ways to stop...

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